Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Core Mechanic: Looking Back: Dragon Halloweens of the Late 70's and 80's

Jonathan at the Core Mechanic just published The Core Mechanic: Looking Back: Dragon Halloweens of the Late 70's and 80's. In it, he says:
I can't help but wonder "How many of these topics have be unknowingly rehashed and recast by the RPG community over the years? In print, online, in blogs, where ever?"
Readers have probably noticed that my posting frequency has fallen off, and I think here Jonathan nails one of the big reasons why. I hate the feeling that I'm creating something that has been created before, but there's so much content out there that it's a monstrous pain to find out whether my clever new post idea has been done.

That's probably also why the only parts of my blog I still feel compelled to write are the campaign log posts and the Weekly What the Heck (shameless plug - go comment on this week's WWTH). I was thinking about blogging tonight about the superhero character idea I had this afternoon, but I'm sure dozens of others have come up with a long-range area-effect flame-throwing hero named Hwacha, and they probably did theirs right after last week's Mythbusters episode instead of waiting a week.

I love Jonathan's idea of a PubRPG, though I don't see how such a thing would actually get created.


Jonathan said...


the first ingredient for its creation would be... vision.

the second would be blind obsession.

Mix the two well and simmer for 2 months; and viola! You'll have it.

It is possible to do - look at what pennpaperrpg has done already - they basically have the framework just without the absracts, etc.

KalFalnal said...

Hey, its nearly all new to me. Not all of us have stacks of ancient Dragon magazines laying around!

ChaoticBlackSheep said...

You should never censor yourself for fear that what you have to say has been said already. A lot of things have been said already. A lot of things have been done already. That doesn't mean that they are no longer worthy of pursuit or of comment.

Much of that which has been previously explored may be so obscure that a vast majority of people have never been exposed to it at all. Those ideas may as well have been lost. By not adding your insights for fear that someone has had them before you are potentially depriving others from seeing them at all.

So please don't be afraid to add your two cents, even if it may seem overly redundant. You probably see things at least somewhat differently than others who have had similar ideas. For all that there could be hundreds of Hwacha superheroes out there, there will likely only be one exactly like your own.

If you were an artist, you'd be looking for another career path as you are killing your muse!