Saturday, October 4, 2008

Monster Week at the Near TPK - Brainstorming!

In the comments on last night's post, Gomez said he was hoping for another monster brainstorming session.

I wouldn't want to disappoint what few loyal internet minions I have, so here's one of the six images I've started working up for this week's posts. However, I haven't gotten very far on it so I've decided to throw out the little I've done and let my readers have at it.

I want to propose one explicit rule this time (which most everyone followed last time anyway): I'd like you to use the improv technique of "Yes, and ...".
The core of improv is based on the theory of “Yes, and”, which means if anyone offers you anything: an object, a proposition, a gesture, etc, you should accept it, and offer something of your own.
I want to use everyone's ideas again, and I hope that will be a lot easier to do if you all build on already-posted ideas as you make comments.

So here we go again at the Art of the Near TPK - what the heck is that? What should it do? Why does it look so happy?


Scott said...

That fin on the tail makes me think it's some form of aquatic dragon or serpent.

Gomez said...

The smile let me thing about an intelligent creature. Something like a river spirit.

And thanks for the brainstorming thing. Fun as always ^_^

Gregor LeBlaque said...

OK, we have an intelligent aquatic dragon or serpent that lives in rivers. Can someone give me a "yes, and..."?

Gomez said...

Yes, and loves to make riddles to whom try to cross his river.

ChaoticBlackSheep said...

Yes, and the frills around the head induce a kind of hypnotic effect when flared, kind of like a color spray spell or something.

Gomez said...

Ok, and if the flares put you in a hypnotized state and let you enter some Hypno-dimension inside of which he ask the riddle?

The body scales let me also imagine something VERY slippery. Maybe he's immune to movement impairing effects.

Gregor LeBlaque said...

OK, so I have an intelligent aquatic serpent that lives in rivers. It flares its neck frills and puts you in a hypnotized state inside of which it asks you riddles.

Look for the writeup this evening.