Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Battle Journal of Kain Gaa'zaith - Kobolds

Campaign Day 1 continued

The final door from the trash-filled room opened into one end of a long, narrow hallway. Spaced at regular intervals along it were large urns, presumably some of the very relics we were hired to find. Some of the cadre became quite excited at the sight of them.

We were quite surprised when a reptilian humanoid peeked out at us from behind one of the most distant urns. He appeared to be preparing to hurl some sort of projectile at us. Calibraxis, yelling something about "filthy kobolds", tried to charge down the hallway toward it, but was stopped short by another humanoid and two large scorpions jumping out from behind the nearest urns. The scorpions quickly had the cleric down on the ground.

A shouted command from me and a distracting attack from Marun got Calibraxis up and clear. Then I hurled him over the fray so he could pin down the far kobold that kept lobbing pots of glue at us. As the cadre advanced down the hallway over the broken bodies of the scorpions, another humanoid near the far one destroyed one of the urns and tried to flee. Calibraxis and Hobb, who seem overly concerned with saving these urns, ferociously attacked the two remaining kobolds and destroyed them.

Worried that the sound of the breaking urn would alert those nearby, we moved quickly to the door at the far end of the hall. It opened to reveal a large room full of the reptilian humanoids, with two more of the scorpions and four more urns. By this point we were well practiced at destroying the scorpions, and the dragonborn and elf slew many kobolds with fire and thunder. When there were only two left, one of them shouted at the other, and each tried to destroy an urn. We stopped them before either succeeded.

Now we have stopped to rest. Most of the cadre is in the large room, the elf and the drow staying awake in shifts. Hobb and I are in the urn-filled hallway, guarding them against any intruders. Calibraxis informed me that the shouting kobold told his comrade to "sound the alarm" before they tried to destroy the urns. We must be vigilant against whoever they were trying to summon.

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