Monday, October 13, 2008

Compilation Mania

Yesterday I started getting emails from the RPG Bloggers Google group about an idea for a blog anthology from Jonathan over at the Core Mechanic. I thought it was an interesting idea and gave a little thought to what I might submit.

Then this morning I came across the idea for a community monster manual over at Encounter-a-Day. Since I've been on a monster-creating kick lately, I thought I might be able to submit to that, though what they're talking about over there is way more structured than the random monsters based on illustrations that I've been doing (though mine are automatically pre-illustrated - neener neener :) )

In addition to that, Jen and I have already discussed doing our own compilation of all the results of the Weekly What the Heck if it goes on long enough and results in interesting enough monsters.

The more I think about it, the more I feel pulled in too many directions. Submit articles to the anthology? Do I have any worth submitting? Submit monsters to the Community MM? See if Jen could be talked into doing illustrations for it? Hold off and package up all my monsters in my own compilation later? Do some or all of the above? Do none because I really should be focusing on my day job instead?


Jonathan said...

Greg - do all three! As for the anthology - the idea is that you would simply submit something that you already have written, or will have written between now and Dec. 1st. Thus, no work required! Of course, I would be happy to receive anything you thought worthy - maybe your top 3 posts most popular posts? etc.

I'm looking forward to it!

ChaoticBlackSheep said...

I think you should sumit non WWTH monsters to the anthology and make your own compilation of just the WWTH.

In regards to illustrations for that monster anthology - I'd love to be involved but don't have the time to commit to so many monsters, besides which I'm sure people would rather see monsters drawn by other people. I think that the monsters' stats should be posted so blog readers can compete by drawing different responses and then the readership can vote on their faves. It would get a lot of varied and interesting art and encourage even more collaboration.