Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Battle Journal of Kain Gaa'zaith - Trial by Fire

Campaign Day 1 continued

There were doors in the center of each wall of the trash-filled room. Listening at each in turn, we heard nothing. With one way apparently the same as another, we proceeded to the left.

Behind the door to our left was a long room with a strange glow coming from the far corner. The nearer part of the room was rife with huge scorpions, which rushed forward to attack. One grabbed Calibraxis, but Hobb distracted it with a deft attack and broke the grapple. Then we discovered that the glow from the corner was some sort of fiery beetle, which ran toward us and breathed a gout of fire over half the scorpions and most of the cadre. The rest of the battle was a blur of flying bug parts, from which we emerged victorious.

Finding no other exit from this place, we then proceeded to the door in the right wall of the trash-filled room. Behind this were yet more vermin - a number of huge beetles, more scorpions, and another batlike thing. I'm not sure what possessed the wizard at this point, but he raced to the front line and tried to destroy all the creatures by himself. He loosed two deafening blasts into the mass of beasts, but barely scratched any of them. Before we could react, the monsters closed in all around him. I thought he was surely doomed, but he dodged their attacks long enough for Marun to charge into the fray and cover his escape.

Marun and Calibraxis again held the front line solidly with melee support from Hobb and myself and ranged support from the magic-users. The cadre was functioning moderately competently by this point, except for the wizard's stunt, which may require a reprimand. I suppose punishment cannot include removal of any primary body parts, as that might hinder spellcasting. Appropriate enforcement of discipline among these non-gith will require some deliberation.

Once the motley assortment of brutish creatures was defeated, and this room also determined to have no other exit, we turned our attention to the third portal from the trash-filled room. Considering our task was to remove mindless vermin from this stinking cellar, what we found behind the third door came as something of a surprise.

to be continued...

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