Monday, October 20, 2008

Battle Journal of Kain Gaa'zaith - Initiation

Campaign Day 1

Today life began again. My new cadre has tasted battle for the first time, and they have acquitted themselves adequately.

Our mission is a sweep and clear of some remote old dungeon full of relics. Hobb got us the job from some old woman. The details are unimportant to me. All that matters is that this old hole is full of creatures against which my cadre can test its mettle.

Even before entering, we were beset by flying, batlike creatures that were hiding in some rubble near the entrance. The cadre responded to the threat with sufficient coordination for their first engagement. Marun held the front line ably, even when one of the creatures attached itself to her and tried to suck her blood. Calibraxis destroyed a number of foes with his fire breath, Hobb performed competently when I flung him into the fray, and the magic-users carried out their task of fire support to my satisfaction.

Finally entering the dungeon itself, we opened the front door and saw a large square room, its floor covered in trash that moved slightly. Marun charged into the center of the room and found it to be teeming with rats of all sizes.

The swarm of rats nearly overwhelmed the minotaur, but Calibraxis' healing kept her on her feet. The elf attempted to remove the rats from Marun with repeated eruptions of thunderous force that smashed them into the walls. After all the blasting we felt certain that the element of surprise was lost, and we were right.

to be continued...

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