Friday, February 5, 2010

Introducing.... Bryk Shythaus!

I was inspired recently by the punny name Bryk Shythaus to create a half-orc fighter PC with no campaign to call home. After a discussion with another DM today I decided maybe Bryk would work just as well or better as an NPC, and it sounds like he'd actually see some table time that way. So, for the DM I was talking to and anyone else who could use a big dumb thug around 4th level in 4e, I present...

Bryk Shythaus, Half-Orc Thug
Bryk is, well, Bryk is pretty much just a big dumb thug.

Level 4 Brute
Bryk Shythaus
XP 175
Medium natural humanoid
Initiative +5 Senses Perception +2
HP 66; Bloodied 33
AC 16; Fortitude 17, Reflex 17, Will 14
Speed 6 (8 when charging)
mFlail (standard; at-will) * Weapon
+7 vs. AC; 1d10 + 4 damage.
MTide of Iron (standard; at-will)
+7 vs. AC; 1d10 + 4 damage, and the target is pushed 1 square.
MBrute Strike (standard; encounter)
+7 vs. AC; 3d10 + 4 damage.
CSweeping Blow (standard; recharge 6)
Close burst 1, targets enemies; +9 vs. AC; 1d10 + 4 damage.
Furious Assault (free, when the half-orc thug damages an enemy; encounter)
The thug's attack deals 1d10 extra damage.
Alignment Unaligned Languages Common, Giant
Skills Athletics +11, Endurance+10, Intimidate +6
Str 18 (+6) Dex 17 (+5) Wis 10 (+2)
Con 16 (+5) Int 8 (+1) Cha 8 (+1)
Equipment chain mail, flail, heavy shield

Half-Orc Thug Tactics
A half-orc thug wades into the thick of its enemies, using its sweeping blow to strike as many as possible if it gets surrounded.

Encounter Groups
Half-orc thugs are often found allied with pirates, slavers, or other seedy types.

Level 3 Encounter (XP 737)
* 1 half-orc thug (level 4 brute)
* 3 human bandits (level 2 skirmisher)
* 6 human rabble (level 2 minion)
As an NPC, power-wise, he's still pretty much the fighter I was planning to have built by around 4th level.