Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Treasure of Talon Pass, Part 3

After defeating the kobolds, the rogue unlocked the cabinet in their room and found gold, a potion and boots. They then decided to return to the secret door they had found before proceeding further from the entrance.

After passing through both secret doors, they found themselves face to face with the two wights. The cleric made her Religion check to identify them as such. At this point a panic fueled by fears of 1st edition level drain set in. The paladin slammed the door and the rogue got to work spiking it shut. The group fled toward the entrance but got cut off by one of the wights leading a trio of zombies. Meanwhile, they could hear the remaining undead forcing the secret door open behind them.

Things looked grim, but the zombies fell readily to Acid Arrow and the paladin's breath weapon. The wights got off one attack each before being brought down by coordinated attacks. Since the wights had split up to cut the party off, the one who fell second was unable to reanimate the other.

I probably should have waited for the party to come around and try the other entrance to the undeads' room. The wights would have been much more effective as a pair. I could have also used some non-minion undead to round out their defenses. Again, the party is too large to keep the encounters as written.

After their victory the group decided it was time to rest. The undeads' room seemed to be safe enough, since the kobolds had apparently already determined that they were afraid to go there. They settled in and the rogue put on the boots she had found. As she started jumping and running around the room to see what effect her new footgear might have, everyone started to chime in with ideas.

"Walk up the wall!"
"Try to teleport!"
"Click your heels together three times!"
"Set them on fire!"

I still don't know why these people want to set everything on fire.

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