Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Treasure of Talon Pass, Part 2

After defeating the kobold sentries on the ledge, the group found the kobolds' ladder, got everyone up on the ledge, and pursued the kobold that fled.

In the next room, they encountered the decoy dragonshields who were supposed to draw them into the rear part of the room. The party won initiative and did enough damage to the decoys that they barely escaped the front area with their lives, and never did make it into the rear - the group cut them down in the curtained passageway. The remaining kobolds made a valiant effort, but the party soon got through their lines and took their leader down in a single round with an inspiring display of teamwork. The wizard hit him with Chill Strike and left him dazed, the cleric hit him with Lance of Faith to give the rogue +2 to hit, and the rogue charged in and finished him off with a basic attack and a pile of sneak attack damage because he was dazed.

I've read quite a few complaints that low-level 4th edition monsters (and characters) have way too many hit points, and that it's no fun to have to whack away at them for multiple rounds. This encounter showed that it doesn't have to take multiple rounds for a well-coordinated party to take out a low level monster. It only took three characters to take the kobold wyrmpriest from full hit points to dead in a round, and only one used an ability that wasn't at will (and it was merely a per-encounter, not a daily).

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