Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Treasure of Talon Pass, Part 1

August 2nd we got the whole group together again.

When we last saw our heroes, they had just completed the Kobold Hall adventure by slaying the big bad dragon at the end. It was, of course, only a matter of time before further adventure sought them out. The dwarf who commissioned Rhaen to track down the dragon hide in Kobold Hall found her again. He sent them off to Talon Pass to find the Jade Chalice and told them about the orcs also headed that way. After a bit of party gathering they made their way to the ruined Tower of Talon Pass and the dungeon beneath it.

In the entry room they searched the strange rubble and took note of the pieces of blades in it. They tried to sneak up on the orcs in room 3, but were foiled by the guard wolves. A fairly straight fight ensued. Afterward they found the secret door to room 2, but didn't like the look of the passage behind it and left it alone for the time being.

Room 4 was a bit more interesting. They managed to get to the entrance without alerting the kobolds, but they didn't want to face the slingers on their ledge. The warlock crept into the room under cover of Shadow Walk while the wizard tried to set the wooden* ledge on fire with a mage handed torch. The torch distracted two kobolds, but the third spotted the warlock and started firing.

Once the fight was on, the rogue got up on the ledge while the ranged types gave her support from below. The melee types had a round to think they had nothing to do, then the dragonshields came in. In the end, only one kobold slinger escaped to warn the leader in the next room.

This group is both coordinated and large - I need to beef up the remaining encounters before we meet again. I hope I have enough minis for the job. On a side note, why do PCs always want to set everything on fire? Whatever is wrong with them?

* Is it wooden? I think I assumed so because it's drawn a darker color on the map. The adventure text doesn't say. In retrospect it's probably meant to be stone and that's why there are no notes on how much damage it can take.

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