Friday, August 1, 2008

Creepy Things in the Sewers, Part 2 (bugs and oozes)

So after my hurried prep and some dinner, we sat down to game.

The PCs started in the middle of my "village square" map, just standing around talking about the wizard's research into what the gnomes in the library were doing there. The wizard had discovered that the gnomes were doing research into Bael Turath, the ancient tiefling empire. Everyone was puzzled by this.

The ranger heard chittering and hissing noises coming from a nearby house. As they moved to investigate, someone came running from behind the house, pursued by a small swarm of kruthiks. Once this swarm was defeated, another came out of the well in the center of the square, and the PCs dealt with that one pretty handily as well.

By the end of these fights, the girls were using a combination of paladin marks, warlord viper strikes, and kruthik tactics to both stay clear of the kruthik's Gnashing Horde aura and allow the ranger to attack as often as possible while keeping the swarm focused on the (freaking impossible to hit) paladin.

The group went down the well and through an access passage down below into the sewers. The sewer map has lots of 1-square-wide ledges with water on one side and a wall on the other. On one of these ledges they were attacked by two ochre jellies. The jellies used their Flowing Form ability to quickly surround the PCs. The girls pulled back through a door into a side room where they could fight the oozes more on their own terms. Once able to better control who the oozes could attack (see impossible to hit paladin, above), they made short work of them.

When I first sprang this encounter, it looked worse for the party than I had intended - they were surrounded in single file with the ranger on one end and the warlord on the other. Fortunately they managed to pull back with only minor damage (none for the warlord, who Fey Stepped away). I also neglected to use the oozes' Split ability when they became bloodied - once because I didn't have an extra mini handy, and the second time because I forgot.

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