Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Treasure of Talon Pass, Part 4

Wow, apparently it's been a month and a half since we left our 6-PC party resting in a room where they just defeated two wights and a bunch of zombies. This past weekend we finally all got together again, and the PCs saddled up to tackle level 2 of the dungeon in Treasure of Talon Pass. I added one monster to almost every encounter to balance the party having 6 members instead of 5.

They stepped off the stairs into the lower level and the weird statue room. The dragonborn paladin led the way and was immediately attacked by a spiretop drake and fired at by one arbalester (strange crossbow-topped construct). As soon as she could, the wizard used mage hand to rip down one of the curtains in the center of the room, revealing all the drakes. The five drakes swarmed the party while the two arbalesters mainly targeted the paladin simply because he was standing closest to them.

Things took a bad turn when the rogue circled around to flank a drake and took the full brunt of both arbalesters' double shot power. At first it looked like she'd been killed outright, but that was just because I rolled all attacks and damage at once instead of applying them one at a time and having the constructs switch targets when she fell. I need to keep a closer eye on character hit points in the future, especially when rolling multiple criticals.

The paladin stayed in the middle of the room fighting the last drake and healing the rogue while the rest of the party charged the arbalesters and made pretty short work of them at close range (though the fighter took a number of bolt attacks at point blank range and might have gone down if the last construct had fired one more shot). The wizard got up behind the last one and tried to thunderwave it off the stage. Unfortunately I seem to be really good at rolling the save you get when someone tries to slide you off a ledge, and they had to finish it off as it lay prone and pitiful at the edge of the stage.

Taking a month and a half off really showed. The other party has been meeting every week, is 4th level, and acts like a well-oiled machine at this point. This group charged around aimlessly by comparison. I'm hoping for an experience closer to the former than the latter when Laurel starts DMing in two weeks.

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