Friday, September 19, 2008

Let Me Tell You About How We're Changing Characters

Wednesday night, right after I wrote up the party roster, Jen decided the halfling wizard just wasn't working for her. She still wanted to play a halfling, but she wanted it to be a rogue. I bowed out of the rogue position for three reasons:
  1. I want Jen to play what she wants to play so she'll be happy.
  2. Recycling the already fairly lousy name "Tsoen-tso" had kind of poisoned my rogue character for me.
  3. I expect the githyanki warlord to use telekinetic leap on the rogue more than anyone else, and flinging a halfling over our heads into the thick of battle is way funnier than flinging a half-elf.
I was now left to fill the sole wizard position. Our group has already seen a tiefling wizard, a dwarf wizard, and a short-lived eladrin wizard. I wanted a control wizard and I already have a non-PHB-race character, so I looked for a PHB race with a wisdom bonus. Since we've had a dwarf, that left elf. I multiclassed into ranger to get a little striker-ness and because that's the class elves are best suited to.

So here's what the party is looking like at the moment:
  • Dragonborn Cleric (Battle) - Inhamut Baltphrin
  • Drow Fey-Pact Warlock - Adincari Qiliir
  • Elf Wizard/Ranger - V
  • Githyanki Warlord (Tactical) - Kain Gaa'zaith
  • (Male!) Halfling Rogue - Hobb Knobbytoes
  • Minotaur Fighter - Revis Marun
I might be changing the /Ranger part of my wizard, though. After seeing how the character came out I think there's probably a better way to spend my feat. I couldn't really buy a high enough dexterity score to be very impressive with the longbow, and being a ranger doesn't make me any better with it than being an elf does. All I got was the quarry thing once per encounter. I was hoping for nimble strike, but ranger multiclassing doesn't get you a power straight off like warlock multiclassing does. I'll still carry the bow since I'm not taking magic missile and I want to have a ranged basic attack for later when the warlord can give free basic attacks.


Reverend Mike said...

You're not fooling anyone...

We all know V's real name is Elrond...

Gregor LeBlaque said...

It must be a slow night on the RPG bloggers network if anyone is reading my not-even-really-a-campaign-log-yet posts. Not that I'm complaining, I'm just surprised.

Truthfully, my first jab at a name was something like Valerian, but it just didn't sit quite right. I shortened it to the working name of V and then couldn't bring myself to fill in the gender box on the character sheet. Jen has already drawn me a pretty androgynous character sketch...