Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Let Me Tell You About My Wife's Character

The players in the new campaign we're starting got together tonight and hashed out characters a little more. This post is just a note, mostly for our DM, that the cast list of the upcoming campaign has changed a bit.

So here's what the party is looking like now:
  • Dragonborn Cleric (Battle)
  • Drow Fey-Pact Warlock
  • Half-elf Rogue/Warlock - Tsoen-tso
  • Githyanki Warlord (Tactical) - Kain Gaa'zaith
  • Halfling Wizard (War/Wand) - Kithri
  • Minotaur Fighter - Revis Marun
Jen has come up with a back story for Marun, Hatha's twin sister. The two were separated shortly after birth during a raid on their minotaur city. Marun was sold into slavery to the duergar warrior king Derlock the Ashen. Derlock intended to train her to serve as a guard in his keep. As she grew up she was treated harshly but was also trained well in the arts of combat. She came to think of both as her lot in life. While she didn't enjoy the constant beatings and other abuse, she came to see it as necessary for the development of the martial power she enjoyed.

The stability of the life she had found was shattered when the keep of Derlock was attacked and ransacked by a dwarven army. As the other guards fell around her, Marun realized that she felt no loyalty toward them and fled. She crashed through the dwarven lines, meeting little resistance once they realized she wanted to get away. They were more than happy to let such a formidable-looking opponent go.

Marun didn't know that the battle was being observed by the githyanki, Kain, who was watching for a promising dwarf fighter to start his cadre. When the minotaur came crashing out of the castle, knocking dwarf soldiers aside like tenpins, Kain followed her as she fled. He approached her cautiously and asked to hear her story. He saw a kindred spirit in her, raised into a life of combat, but thrust unceremoniously into the world alone. Marun agreed to travel with Kain since she had nowhere else to go. Over the next few weeks, she was surprised to learn that keeping combat skills sharp did not require beatings or insults. Instead Kain trained and tested her skills with inspiring words and encouragement. As the rapport between them grew, so did their trust in one another.

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ChaoticBlackSheep said...

Now you'll have to update yet again since you're running a wizard and I'm running a rogue.