Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Shards of the Gate of Darkness, Part 7

After defeating the main encounter and killing poor little Scuttles, the party gathered up the cabal's treasure and returned to town. As they approached, they spotted smoke and ran into town. They discovered that the tiefling that fled the first battle at the jungle temple was setting fire to the head librarian's house. The librarian was at a window calling for help, and the ranger rushed to his aid.

This was a pretty weak encounter, but it was completely unplanned. I just needed them to mop up the last cabal member.
1 tiefling heretic (level 6 artillery, 250 xp)
Map: Market Square from Fantastic Locations: City of Peril

The heretic's cloak of escape ability helped him to hold on for quite a while on his own, while the ranger pulled the librarian out of the burning house and went in after an unconscious halfling who was also in the house. Eventually, though, the melee types stopped attacking the heretic and just moved around him to cut off avenues of escape while the ranged types shot at him. He did get one shot in at the defenseless librarian just because I was feeling spiteful, but the party jumped in with healing immediately and saved the old man.

After the heretic was defeated, the librarian introduced the party to Mungo Sandybanks, the halfling who had been in the house with him and "an old and trusted friend." Mungo explained that his friend had contacted him to see if he knew anything about how to destroy the shards, and in fact he did. Mungo told them they could destroy the shards by placing them under the roots of the largest tree in the Demonweb Forest, a dark forest full of giant spiders and worse.

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