Friday, September 26, 2008

Gaming/Blogging vs. Real Life

Being in meetings for work for two solid weeks not only destroyed my blogging schedule (as my dozens... well, tens... well... two? faithful readers may have noticed), it also almost made me miss the cutoff for RPG Carnival #2 - THIS IS HOMEBREW!

After building the pyrosphynx and a bunch of 4e spider monsters, that just would not do.

Of course, now I'm going out of town for a hopefully relaxing weekend, which includes forcing myself to not take the laptop along, so there will be another period of silence. I hope to come back with lots of post ideas, though.


Jonathan said...

YOU DIDN"T MISS IT! Today is the last day.. SUBMIT IT NOW!

I'm sure if you send DonnyTheDM a chest full of gold coins and a few magic swords, he might add your entry to the mix.


aoh.. and.. THREE readers! =P

Donny_the_Dm said...

No, four, lol.

As long as you linked back to me (which you did) you will be, err, findeable? lol.

This many entries became too much to properly summarize, so I had to take a shortcut. Hopefully it will not summon up a mob of pitchfork wielding bloggers.