Saturday, September 20, 2008

Let Me Tell You About Jason's Character

Adincari Qiliir spent his early life growing up under the watchful eye of his Reverend Mother Jeseyu Qiliir in the House Inlindl. He had an aptitude for arcane magics and began training to become an arachnomancer in the service of Lolth and House Qiliir.

Reverend Mother Jeseyu decided to personally train him. She believed that his ability, her training, and his loyalty to her would make him a formidable bodyguard, and she required protection from both the other families and her daughters, all eager to take her place. This proved to be a successful ploy, for while a mere student he uncovered a plot against the matriarch by one of his cousins. This led to the cousin being sacrificed to Lolth. Adincari was allowed to participate in her execution and sacrifice, an act that spurred the scorn of his sisters. The eldest, Myrlice, grew to hate Adincari almost as much as she coveted her mother's position.

As he studied further, he became interested in the source of the power and strength of his race. While poring over texts forbidden to him by his Matriarch, he discovered histories dealing with the nature of Lolth and Corellon Larethian and the expulsion of the drow from other elves. Adincari began to question the reasoning behind Corellon's deception of Lolth and why the Seldarine would side with him in granting the elven race even more knowledge and power.

As time progressed, Adincari began to dwell further on the fact that Lolth had been deceived, thus showing that she was by no means infallible, despite the fact she was revered as such. During one of his study sessions with his matriarch, he broached the subject. Jeseyu attempted to quiet the boy from further blasphemy, but the damage was done. Myrlice Qiliir used this opportunity to discredit Jeseyu for favoring the boy and gain favor with Matron Mother Dultha Sael Inlindl, thus opening her way to becoming Matriarch of Family Qiliir.

Myrlice's triumph was short-lived, however. After considering the implications of Adincari's statements, the Matron Mother decided Family Qiliir should be removed from House Inlindl. She secretly met with the Reverend Mothers of the other families, informing them that her house would no longer protect the family. Eager to remove even a small threat to their seats in the House, and using the charge of blasphemy as justification, families Vicloth and Shiphrin led an attack which destroyed all the holdings and members of Family Qiliir.

Ironically, Jeseyu had already sent Adincari into the wilds of the Underdark to hide him from possible repercussions from his questions. Consequently, he became the last survivor of his family. He crossed into duergar territory, trying to lose any pursuit in the twisting passages. When he overheard a group of the gray dwarves discussing the tale of his family's fall, he fled the Underdark completely.

Whew, all that and he still hasn't met Kain. I guess there will be a part 2 forthcoming...


ChaoticBlackSheep said...

Way to embrace the drow-ness!

Gregor LeBlaque said...

You can take the drow out of the Underdark, but you can't take the Underdark out of the drow.