Saturday, September 13, 2008

What the heck IS that?

The series of spider monsters ported to 4e made my dear wife sick of drawing spiders. "You should be making up your own monsters if you're going to write posts like that!" she cried.

"Fine," I replied. "Draw me some and I'll stat them up."

That might have been a mistake. She drew the... thing to the right.

Somebody help me out. What the heck IS that? What should it do? Why is its face so freaky big?


Anonymous said...

Please tell your wife the internet minions really appreciate her drawings.

I think the lastest drawing is of the rare Azer fire lion, also worshipped by the lizard men as a "sun lion".

I may be mistaken though, my eye sight is not what it was.

Alex Schroeder said...

Excellent suggestion. A fire lion -- or a fire sphynx. The little horns suggest some fiendish ancestry, but the big smile suggests a good alignment. Maybe these horns grow to unicorn horn size and we're looking at a pyrosphinx cub?

Reverend Mike said...

The head is clearly that of a giant satyr, and the body of a it's definitely got some Fey heritage in there...

I'd call it either a saton or a liyr...but that's just me...

Gomez said...

And if instead of fire it was foliage? Remembers me the old Sylvanus holy symbol.

Gregor LeBlaque said...

Wow, guys, welcome and thanks. That's more response in three hours than I thought I'd get in 24.

@Gomez: By Sylvanus holy symbol are you referring to something like this from here?
That is freaky close to the thing's face, isn't it?

So let's see... I'll be building... the rare fey fiendish Azer satyr-faced pyrosphinx cub, whose daddy is worshipped by the lizard men as a "sun lion". I'm also tempted to throw in Gomez's foliage by having the thing be green when it's young for forest camouflage, then burst into full fiery autumnal colors as an adult (and gain fire powers).

Whew. Not sure I'm feeling up to all that at the moment, but I'll give it a shot before too long.

ChaoticBlackSheep said...

Thank you again for your comments on my drawings. I am sort of running out of ideas that aren't just crazy or silly. Funny hats are the best, but I haven't devolved into that quite yet. :)

I didn't know what this creature was meant to be at the time I drew it. The face is actually based on the underground tomato monster in the old Nintendo Uninvited game. And the relative size of the head happened because I ran out of space on the page to fit an appropriately scaled body so I just shrank that part... :b

This whole activity has been very fun and inspiring - you have great ideas! Far better than what I was thinking when I drew the little guy. Perhaps I will draw some more weird creatures and my hubby can do something like this once every week or two.