Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mutants & Masterminds

Apparently reading Greywulf's M&M mania for the past few weeks has gotten to me. Jason offered to GM some Mutants & Masterminds sessions and I jumped at the chance. Jen and I started making characters tonight.

Have I mentioned how it's five flavors of awesome having gaming prep time count as quality husband/wife together time? I probably have.

We're making two characters each since we have just the two of us playing. I, of course, am making Hwacha! (yes, the exclamation point is part of the name), the long-range area-effect flame-throwing hero. Out of the blue in an IM conversation today Jason posited that it would be cool to have a 1980 Flash Gordon movie Prince Vultan style hawk-man. I jumped on that idea for my second character. DIIIIIIIIVE!!! Now I have to find that soundtrack on CD...

After getting our hands on the M&M core manual earlier this evening and going through the powers section, Jen has come up with (and already discarded one potential character sketch for) The Swarm, a little girl who is actually a pile of one-eyed robotic insects. She's looking to take Alternate Form (Swarm), Burrowing, Passive Concealment, Datalink (machine control) and Enhanced Ability (touch, Tremorsense). Jen's other character might be The Contagion, a sickness inducing hero with Drain, Nauseate, Regeneration, and maybe Confuse. Or she might create a character named Enigma who is all about Confuse.

I think Jen is now six for six in coming up with "heroes" in superhero games that would probably make better villains (or at least are unnecessarily creepy for my taste).


Anonymous said...

My work is done :D

Love the character concepts, especially the insect-robot-swarm gal. Look forward to seeing the stats!

Make Mine M&M!

ChaoticBlackSheep said...

I hope I can make the insect swarm robot girl work. That picture was meant to be scrapped! The Shakespearean page boy look isn't doing a thing for me. I have made her more girlish in the final sketch with a sort of Alice in Wonderland feel, but more than a shade awry. (What can I say, I like the creepy factor.)

I started with the simple concept for Enigma, the Confuse-based character, and am discovering that this system is really really complicated. The Contagion will likely be next since it's the next most simple. And then the robot insect swarm girl whom I may name ALICE (Artificial Life-form for Intelligent & Covert Espionage). Some of the things I'd like her to do may need to be dropped due to my not having enough points to spend, but I envision her as a spy type.