Thursday, November 13, 2008

Battle Journal of Kain Gaa'zaith - Blasts

Campaign Day 2 continued

From the second courtyard cavern, there was a single door back into what we had come to think of as "inside". When Marun opened it, there was a small square room full of fire beetles. The spellcasters loosed their spells into the room, injuring some of the beetles, then Marun quickly closed the door. We listened for a moment to the sounds of scuttling and scratching as the brainless vermin tried to escape. When they quieted down Marun opened the door and we did it again. We continued in this manner until most of the insects were destroyed, then I ordered the cadre into the room to mop up the last one.

With that room cleared, we proceeded to the final available avenue of exploration: the door on the other side of the T that the kobold had been running toward. Reasoning that he had intended to warn some large force beyond the door, everyone readied their most potent attacks and we approached the door quietly. After Hobb checked for traps, Marun threw the door open and charged.

We were confronted by two more large scorpions and nearly a dozen kobolds. The kobolds arrayed themselves to employ their usual tactic of hiding behind the scorpions and throwing sling bullets at us. I decided to attempt to break this tactic quickly. I ordered the wizard to use his thundering blast to force the enemy back and make some room, then I myself leaped into the breach.

My fervor nearly cost me. One of the scorpions lashed out and got a tight grip on me. Fortunately I remained calm and threw Hobb over it. Together we quickly pulverized the thing. Behind me the rest of the cadre did the same to the other. Without their clawed guardians, the kobolds were no match for us.

The dungeon cleared, Hobb and the wizard departed, returning an hour later with the old woman who hired us. She and the elf became very interested in the blackened ruin of an altar in the last room, and talked about it in
anxious tones for quite a while. They even went back out into one of the courtyard areas to examine something else. Finally the elf announced that we needed to seek out an elven scholar who might know something about something dangerous about this altar. I wasn't paying much attention, as I was busy sketching notes for the important part of this journal, my tactical analysis of the performance of my cadre.

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