Sunday, November 30, 2008

M&M character 1.2 - Enigma

HeroLab 2.3 doesn't like Enigma, so he/she has been reworked again - Confuse 18 has been reduced to 10 to match the power level (since Confuse doesn't have an attack roll, the attack of +0 doesn't make the 18 legal, I guess), and the extra points went into making the contagious and aura save DCs tougher, losing the unreliability of the aura and adding yet another flavor of confuse to screw with anyone who tries to read or control Enigma's enigmatic mind.

A mystery wrapped in an enigma masked in a mystification camouflaged in a conundrum circled in a secret encased in a puzzle cloaked in a riddle concealed in an illusion...

Enigma, PL 10, 150 points
Gender unknown, Age unknown, Height ~5'6", Weight ~150

STR 8, DEX 10, CON 10, INT 16, WIS 14, CHA 14
Tough +0, Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +6
Attack +0, Grapple -1, Defense +8, Init +12

Bluff +6, Concentration +10, Diplomacy +6
Evasion 2, Improved Initiative 3, Luck 5, Seize Initiative, Ultimate Save (Toughness, Fortitude, Reflex, Will)

Mindwarp (Confuse 10) - DC 20
- Feat: Subtle 2
- Extra: Area: Shapeable 10
- Feat: Progression 2 (50 5-ft cubes)
- Feat: Reversible
- Extra: Contagious 10

Shroud of Mystery (Confuse 10) - DC 20
- Feat: Subtle 2
- Extra: Duration 2 (Sustained)
- Flaw: Range 2 (Touch)
- Extra: Aura, Permanent
- Feat: Reversible

Mental Interference (Confuse 10) - DC 20
- Feat: Subtle 2
- Feat: Triggered 1 (when someone tries to use a mental power on Enigma)
- Flaw: Limited 5 (ONLY when someone tries to use a mental power on Enigma)

Mind Blank (Immunity 10, mental effects)
I really hope this is the final version of this character...


Anonymous said...

Looks good, but just one question.

You've got Mindwarp listed as an Alternate Power, but what's it an Alternate Power of?

All of the other powers look like they should be active all the time - it doesn't makes sense, for example, to have an AP of a power that's permanent, and a triggered power doesn't sound a good candidate for having an Alternate Power either. Neither does Mind Blank.

Assuming that the AP note isn't just a typo, of course :D

Gregor LeBlaque said...

That would be me reading your writeups and thinking AP stood for "Attack Power" - i.e. marking the character's primary attack.

Removed in the post. None of the characters use Alternate Powers because I don't quite grasp yet how they work mechanics- and point-wise...