Monday, November 10, 2008

Battle Journal of Kain Gaa'zaith - Slingers and Stingers

Campaign Day 2

Our rest was, surprisingly, uninterrupted, though the elf reported hearing some scraping sounds during his watch. Hobb examined both doors leading out of the large room in which we camped and reported that they had been trapped. When we opened the door to the left, we discovered that an urn had been moved to block the passage behind it. A thin rope (which Hobb cut before opening the door more than a crack) had been tied around the top of the urn and affixed to the knob. The intent was obviously that we would topple the urn, and the sound of it breaking would serve as an alarm.

Unfortunately, we had to move the urn out of the way to proceed, and discovered that the cursed things truly are ridiculously fragile. When Marun tried to move it she slipped and the clumsy efforts of the entire cadre could not keep it from shattering on the stone floor. Assuming the element of surprise was lost, I ordered the cadre quickly down the hallway. My suspicions were confirmed when a glue-filled missile was hurled at us from the room ahead.

Hobb raced ahead to take the fight to the enemy, but was set upon and grabbed by three more of the bothersome scorpions. I spied the kobold that was slinging projectiles at us and threw Calibraxis at him. I tried to encourage Hobb while the elf tried to get the scorpions away from him with a thunderous blast. The blast also opened enough room for Marun to enter, and she and Hobb made short work of the stinging things.

Once the scorpions were defeated we turned our attention to the three kobolds, all of whom were by this time trying to surround and carve up the dragonborn. Hobb and Marun charged to his rescue, crushing the enemy in a flurry of slashing, stabbing and goring.

There was one door out of the room.

to be continued...

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