Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Battle Journal of Kain Gaa'zaith - Violence and Vines

Campaign Day 2 continued

With no other way to proceed, we returned to the room where we had camped and tried the other door. Hobb discovered and disabled a similar trap behind this door involving two urns. This time we successfully and silently managed to move them out of the hallway into the room. Adincari, the only one of us who can see in the dark, then crept ahead into the passage.

When he returned, the drow reported a T in the corridor with a closed door in one direction and an open room full of kobolds in the other. As we spoke we heard a kobold run past the T, headed for the door. The wizard raced into the passage and conjured a cloud of flying daggers in the kobold's path. The rest of the cadre charged toward the room full of foes. The kobolds fell before our assault like wheat before the scythe. Hobb in particular performed commendably, tripping and shoving a slinger into range of Marun's falchion.

The single door out of this room opened into another courtyard area. This one also contained dead trees, but two of them were wrapped with huge vines. There were also a half dozen enormous rats in the area, which charged us. Calibraxis slew a number of them with fire breath, and the halfling used the same maneuver on one that he had just used on the slinger, but shoved it toward one of the vine-wrapped trees.

The vine immediately reached out and attacked the rat, which barely managed to escape. Apparently the elf was amused by this, as he proceeded to use his blast spell to force the hapless creature back again. This time the vine strangled the rat to death. The battle appeared to be over, but the drow got too close to the vines while chasing a straggling rat. The vines uncoiled themselves from around the trees and moved to surround and grab him. It required a coordinated attack from the entire cadre, along with a carefully planned use of his own power to turn into mist, to free him.

to be continued...

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