Tuesday, November 11, 2008

M&M character 4 - Vulkyrion

Our final Mutants and Masterminds character is done. This one should be a blast. I'm sure when the idea of basing a character on the 1980 Flash Gordon movie Prince Vultan style hawk-man* was suggested, the vision was of just a beefy bearded dude with hawk wings. But where would Vultan be without his legions of loyal hawkmen? Nowhere! DIIIIIVE!!

Vulkyrion is actually the immortal son of a valkyrie and a human viking. When he was born male (a one in ten thousand chance for the offspring of a valkyrie), he found himself an outcast in two worlds. There is no place for him in Valhalla, and he was too obviously an outsider to wander the earth. However, when superhumans started to turn up on earth, he finally saw a chance to fit in and do good at the same time.

Vulkyrion, PL 10, 150 points
Gender male, Age thousands of years, Height 6'2", Weight 250

STR 26, DEX 16, CON 24, INT 14, WIS 20, CHA 22
Tough +7/+12, Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +5
Attack +8, Grapple +16, Defense +5, Init +3

Acrobatics +7, Bluff +14, Notice +9, Search +6, Sense Motive +9
Fearless, Inspire 5, Leadership, Luck 5, Set Up, Teamwork 3, Equipment 5
Plate Mail, Battleaxe, Blaster Rifle (how did he get a blaster rifle? I dunno, but come on, it's cooler than Fonzie. Maybe it's really a magic staff of blasty power or something)

Flight 4 (100 mph, winged, power loss 2 - if wings bound)

Luck Control 1 (spend hero point for another)

Immortal (Immunity 2: aging, disease)

Host of Viking Angels (Summon (Minion) 2)
- Fanatical
- Horde
- Free action
- Continuous
- Mental Link
- Progression 4 (25 minions)
- Sacrifice
S18 D10 Co15 I10 W10 Ch10
Tough +2/+7 Fort +2 Ref +0 Will +0
Atk +4 Def +0 Grp +8
Plate Mail, Battleaxe, Blaster Rifle (well, yeah, they all have blaster rifles, didn't you see the movie clip?)
Flight 3 (50 mph, winged, power loss 2 - if wings bound)

Oh yeah, as a free action, call down a holy host of 25 fanatically loyal pissed off flying vikings with blaster rifles. They don't care if they die for the cause - they go right back to Valhalla and show up to do it again tomorrow. If I really wanted to min-max I think I would have amped Cha as much as possible to give as many of them the Inspire bonus as I could. As it stands I can use a hero point to make six of them more accurate with their blaster rifles than I am with my own for a round.

* I've been informed that the real inspiration for suggesting this character was this, starting at around the 16:45 mark.

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME build! And you're right - he's got to have that Blaster Rifle. Maybe he got it from an adventurer from Earth and some crazy Professor.....

Note to self: I've really got to use Minions more.