Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Battle Journal of Kain Gaa'zaith - Bugs and Bats

Campaign Day 2 continued

Marun opened the single door out of the room, which led into a strange underground courtyard. Walls of worked stone surrounded it to a height of around 15 feet, but above the walls was nothing but open darkness. We had little time to study the area, as eight of the bloodsucking batlike creatures that had attacked us before we even entered the dungeon flew at us. Calibraxis killed a few with a blast of his fiery breath while I covered Marun's retreat back into the room before they could surround her. Once we were back inside, using the door as a choke point, we made short work of the beasts.

The courtyard was a peculiar area, containing seven dead oak trees, a well, and a single living plant. Hobb discovered a secret door in one wall, but wanted to investigate the well before proceeding. Marun champed at the delay, but I stalled her long enough for the others to determine that neither the well nor the plant posed any threat.

The secret door opened into some kind of storeroom. The ancient shelves had been mostly demolished and the only inhabitants were a pair of fire beetles. Not wanting to contend with their fiery breath I ordered a quick, highly coordinated attack. The cadre performed admirably, slaying both insects before they could attack.

In the rubble Hobb discovered an old bag full of gold, a belt, a dagger and some kind of potion. This find raised morale noticeably, as it appeared to be a larger sum than has been lost due to the kobolds breaking the urns we are charged with safeguarding for the old woman.

to be continued...

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