Monday, February 9, 2009

Field Notes of V - The Interrogation

The interrogation of the kobold we captured might have raised more questions than it answered. We still do not know the identity of this Marishra, though we now have suspicions that she is a dragon of some sort. The kobold evidently worships her blindly, even becoming offended at our interrogator's speaking of the name.

The band that attacked us was dispatched to acquire some item they believe we possess, but were not even granted a description. They were simply to retrieve all of our possessions, a grossly inefficient means of procurement.

He also appeared to know something about the scorched altar, but Hobb was unable to extract any specifics. He denied that Marishra herself destroyed the altar, but it was obvious to me that he knew more than he was revealing.

Hobb crafted a clever lie about our group proceeding to the southern city of Palda, the one place we were certain we had no intention of going. Then we let him go. Adincari followed him discreetly to gather further information. The drow returned hours later and reported that the prisoner met with another group and passed on Hobb's misinformation. We now continue our journey to Weaversburg, hopefully in peace.

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