Monday, February 2, 2009

Battle Journal of Kain Gaa'zaith - More Kobolds

Campaign Day 5

After a few days of rest and re-equipping, the cadre moved out of the village of Darak. Guided by the wizard's map, we struck out for Weaversburg. It was expected to be a simple two or three day journey. However, at midday on the first day we were ambushed by a gang of kobolds.

We defeated the group quite thoroughly, aided by some inspired sniping by Hobb and a well-placed burst of dragon breath from Calibraxis. Some members of the cadre were visibly tiring, but they had acquitted themselves well. Calibraxis was trading insults with the last of the slippery vermin in draconic when a second group rushed onto the field. This second group brought a large drake. Fearing its deadly bite, we focused our efforts on bringing the drake down first. Calibraxis, apparently overconfident after his performance in the first half of the battle, overextended himself and was laid low by a heavily-armored kobold.

Fortunately one of the purchases we made in Darak was a healing potion. As I moved to administer it to the dragonborn, the rest of the cadre drew the attackers away from us. In the time it took me to get Calibraxis back on his feet Marun and the others had defeated most of our remaining foes. Adincari and Hobb chased the last two down like dogs as they attempted to flee. The battle finally ended, Calibraxis informed us that the last kobold of the first group said that the tribe of Marishra would hunt us down.

It would not do for my cadre to be hunted, especially by such lowly creatures, so I determined to turn the tables on this tribe. We followed the tracks of the second group to see where they had come from. Curiously, it appeared that they had come from the direction of Darak. Hobb suggested that if we encountered any more kobolds we should attempt to take a prisoner for interrogation. Shortly thereafter we were met on the trail by more of the armored creatures, this time with wolves and a drake. Adincari became separated from the group and surrounded by the wolves, but he kept calm and soon defeated them with assistance from Hobb. The battle was long and frustrating, and the cadre was not operating as smoothly as before. I must find a way to keep them sharp during an extended campaign.

In the end we captured the last kobold alive. My offer of surrender was refused, but the warlock cut him down as he tried to flee and Marun's healing expertise kept him alive. Hobb and Calibraxis are attempting a full interrogation as I write this. I wish to know who sent these kobolds after us, but I suspect none of us will like the answer. I also wish to know who this Marishra is, and I suspect we won't like that answer either.

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