Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Battle Journal of Kain Gaa'zaith - Tactics

It has become too cumbersome to direct the cadre's various capabilities in an ad hoc manner. I will instead endeavor to draft a coherent battle plan based on our recent encounters.

Tactical Analysis - Recent Observations

Close Blast
I have written of the wizard's problematic close range blast spell before. In recent battles an improvised tactic of leaving a small gap in the front line through which he can project the blasts was working well. I shall endeavor to formalize this.

Different cadre members possess the means to leave enemies dazed or otherwise vulnerable to Hobb's precision attacks. It has become tricky to coordinate these so as to take maximum advantage of the rogue's devastating strikes. I shall lay out a plan for alternating these dazing attacks with Hobb's strikes.

Tactical Analysis - Battle Plan

The following is intended to serve as a general purpose battle plan for the types of battles we have engaged in recently (medium-range engagements with hostile humanoids).

Initial goal
Form a front line with a small gap for the wizard. Enable Hobb and Adincari to strike hard from range.
Specifics: Marun, Calibraxis and I form a front line with Marun in the center, striking as the opportunity presents itself (including dragon breath if the enemy is clustered). The wizard opens with his frigid energy blast on the most dangerous-looking target and the others attack it while it is vulnerable.

Second goal
Hold the line while the wizard blasts and withdraws. Continue to provide a vulnerable foe for Hobb and Adincari.
Specifics: Calibraxis brands a target I can reach and looks for an opportunity to use dragon breath if he hasn't already. I use a calculated blow to expose that enemy to Adincari. Adincari lights up the target with dark and white flame, then Hobb strikes. Finally, the wizard moves into a gap and blasts. Marun covers his retreat. Calibraxis follows up with a thunderclap and the strikers attack that target. The wizard and Marun repeat the blast and withdraw maneuver.

Third goal
Once all our tricks for making opponents vulnerable are exhausted, get Hobb into an advantageous position.
Specifics: Calibraxis continues to brand every round to set up Marun. Marun continues to strike with my support, making sure to keep the enemy distracted. I fly Hobb behind the enemy line. V drops back and switches to his cloud of daggers spell. Adincari continues to blast. Hobb takes advantage of his position to deal damage while Marun keeps the enemy from attacking him.


Dawn Raven said...

This was a good read! Do you have more of these tactics-oriented posts in your blog? I prefer to play warlords and focus on tactical engagements so seeing how others bring out their groups best abilities is great.

Gregor LeBlaque said...

Glad you liked it. I think all the PC-tactics-oriented posts I've done are tagged Player Advice, though you might want to go through the campaign logs for Kain's Cadre to see if I neglected to mark any of Kain's rantings that might be useful.

Gregor LeBlaque said...

P.S. And there will be another post on the subject tonight if I can get the rest of it out of my head and into blogger before I give up and go play more Rock Band.

Dawn Raven said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'll take a look at some of the older posts.

Now the important question, is it Rock band one or two? And what instrument do you prefer?

Gregor LeBlaque said...

Rock Band 2 and I'm the drummer. Got it about a week ago and I'm already playing quite a few songs competently at Medium level.