Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hair Nymph

Hi everyone,
I know I don't usually post here, but I had to share this wonderful hair nymph who was there to greet me when I took a shower today. Note: I didn't create this - she was just there staring at me from behind her cascade of hair.
- Jennifer


SambearPoet said...

This is a common enough sight in my shower, but rarely is it this artistic (my step-daughter has very, very long hair)

Dead Orcs said...

Well, that's certainly a new one on me. Although in my household, the hair would have to be my own, as it's past my shoulders.

My wife abhors the hair nymphs and makes me slay them on site.

ChaoticBlackSheep said...

Thank you both for responding. I am always fascinated by how hair can naturally form some of the most intricate little drawings. We had an entire face once, complete with nose and pointy teeth and funky eyebrows, all made up of many hairs. (Both of us have long hair, so the shower has plenty to work with.) It intrigues me, much like finding shapes in clouds, just how much we can see into things in nature.

Chuck doesn't fully appreciate the hair nymphs either, but he tends just not to notice them as opposed to demanding that they are vanquished. He thought this was a very silly post, though.