Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekly What the Heck

Welcome to the twenty-fourth installment of my regular feature here at the Near TPK. With continuing apologies to one of my favorite blogs, the Daily WTF, I present... The Weekly What The Heck.

Each Saturday at 10 AM Central Time I'll post one of Jen's drawings of some kind of whacked-out creature, and ask my readers: "What the heck IS that?"

I hope my readers will approach the challenge in the spirit of "Yes, and ..." - building on previous responses so everyone's ideas can be used in the final writeup. Comments are now closed on last week's entry, and I hope to have the final writeup posted tonight. Comments will be accepted on this week's entry until I post next week's entry.

So... What the heck is that? What should it do? Why does it look so amused?

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mthomas768 said...

Fear the monkey-manticore.


I got nothing...

Ameron said...

It does resemble the manticore in some respects. But the wavy lines above its head and tail give me the impression of odor or aroma. Perhaps it emits a soothing and appealing fragrance which, along with its child-like face, lulls adventurers into coming closer. And then when the PCs are within 2 or 3 squares, it lashes out with its tail, grappling its victim.

Is this too twisted? I don't know, that's just where my mind went.

Ravyn said...

Yes, and after grappling its victim, it smacks the poor soul against the spines on its back, which are razor-sharp, rather hard, and secrete a narcotic poison from the tips. Lot harder to struggle when you've got drugs in the bloodstream, right?

Scott said...

It's got nasty sharp teeth!

And that mane? Actual fire. It can cause the mane to flare up, immolating nearby squares.

Ripper said...

is it just me, or do the eyes look really sinister?