Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Battle Journal of Kain Gaa'zaith - The River Town

Since my last entry the cadre has had two more opportunities to enter battle. These were markedly different kinds of encounters than those for which the battle plan was developed, though some elements of the plan were still of use.

Tactical Analysis - Kobolds and Gnomes in the River Town

As we approached the riverside town which is unnamed on our map, we spotted a group of gnomes and kobolds standing in a large ruined building arguing. Another group was at the river's edge harassing a ferry with slung stones. The arguing group spotted us and they all attacked. Tactically, the balance of foes between melee and ranged combatants was inverted compared to the groups the battle plan was designed for. Instead of multiple melee fighters supported by a small number of spellcasters and/or archers, we faced a single shortsword-wielding kobold, two guard lizards, three kobold slingers, a kobold priest, three gnome crossbowmen, and a gnome spellcaster.

The multiple ranged attackers were able to target different cadre members almost at will. At one point Hobb was dazed and unable to easily focus his attacks for maximum effect while Calibraxis was glued to the ground out of reach of any enemies, thus rendering a third of the cadre almost completely ineffective. The warlock and wizard, as our ranged attackers, took up some of the slack by focusing their most devastating attacks on the enemy spellcasters. Marun and I focused on taking down the dangerous guard lizards as quickly as possible. Once the lizards were killed we focused as a group on each of the other attackers, working from the most dangerous (the gnome spellcaster) to the least (the gnome crossbowmen).

The cadre is definitely weaker at long range than in melee. More thought will be required to find a solution (or to even determine whether it is truly a problem, as the group acquitted itself admirably).

Tactical Analysis - Wolf Hunt

The villagers on the ferry were grateful that we dispatched the kobold raiders, and expressed the same surprise we had that the gnomes were working with them. They also provided another opportunity to test the cadre as it turned out that in addition to kobold raiders they were having problems with a small pack of marauding wolves.

We tracked the wolves back to a cave den in a hillside. Adincari crept ahead to scout and climbed part way up the hill to peer into one of the cave entrances. The next thing we heard was a chorus of howling and snarling as four wolves emerged and tried to climb up to him.

Adincari's position on the hillside was fortuitous, giving him the option of targeting any of the wolves through most of the battle. The rest of the cadre formed a solid line around the cave mouth, even leaving small holes where the wizard could reach through and blast multiple targets. Other than a worrisome moment where two wolves surrounded Marun and tripped her to the ground, the pack posed little threat to the cadre.

The villagers also mentioned that Weaversburg, our destination, is reportedly overrun with zombies. The walking dead will require a whole new battle plan if we are to deal with them. I may need to consult the writings of the great gith avenger Bru'us Kam'bl.


Raelity Shift said...

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!!! I really can't wait for the next round. I just really hope we have learned the fundamentals we'll need when dealing with the zombies...

Gregor LeBlaque said...

I should point out that the DM had to preface the tale of the zombies with "I swear I had this set up before today", because before the session I was showing everyone this.

Cowboy said...

Bru'us Kam'bl - awesome... I love it..