Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekly What the Heck

Welcome to the twenty-first installment of my regular feature here at the Near TPK. With continuing apologies to one of my favorite blogs, the Daily WTF, I present... The Weekly What The Heck.

Each Saturday at 10 AM Central Time I'll post one of Jen's drawings of some kind of whacked-out creature, and ask my readers: "What the heck IS that?"

I hope my readers will approach the challenge in the spirit of "Yes, and ..." - building on previous responses so everyone's ideas can be used in the final writeup. Comments are now closed on last week's entry, and I hope to have the final writeup posted tonight. Comments will be accepted on this week's entry until I post next week's entry.

So... What the heck is that? What should it do? Does one of the tails belong to the little head?

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benpop said...

This brings the series of fishes swallowing each other to a whole new level. This is Piscean Evolution, a Change Elemental of Water (or Chaos of Water, if you prefer). It represents the variations and adaptations of the denizens of the sea. Of course, fishermen don't realize this and just think it's monstrous.

Ripper said...

Benpop posted some sheer awesomeness...
I feel as if a Change elemental (especially a fish) should be multi-hued, and have some sort of random energy radiant burst thing. It also polymorphs, and this Piscean Evolution is changing into an aboleth. It has the ability to swallow the PCs whole, and in addition to crushing damage, the PCs must fend off against small schools of piranhas in its gut.