Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekly What the Heck

Welcome to the fourteenth installment of my regular feature here at the Near TPK. With continuing apologies to one of my favorite blogs, the Daily WTF, I present... The Weekly What The Heck.

Each Saturday at 10 AM Central Time I'll post one of Jen's drawings of some kind of whacked-out creature, and ask my readers: "What the heck IS that?"

I hope my readers will approach the challenge in the spirit of "Yes, and ..." - building on previous responses so everyone's ideas can be used in the final writeup. Comments are now closed on last week's entry, and I hope to have the final writeup posted tonight. Comments will be accepted on this week's entry until I post next week's entry.

So... What the heck is that? What should it do? With those arms, do its feet ever touch the ground?


Gomez said...

All I know is that this guy is only 10 inch tall.

Jeff said...

Yes, and they're named Orcish Knucklewalkers. They hunt in swarms.

Will said...

they attack with their comparatively small, but fast feet . . . although advanced knucklewalkers can do you roundhouse face punch

Jerm said...

Tho called knucklewalkers, they more commonly travel by brachiating through jungle canopy; but, when on the ground (usually to eat fruit which has dropped to the ground) they use their arms much like crutches. They do not use their massive arms to attack, but only to move. Their prehensile feet are used to grasp food. When attacking, their powerful arms are used to propel their body into a whirling, roundhouse face punch, using their feet as a blugeoning weapon. Fiercly territorial.

Ripper said...

The head uptop is completly vestigial. The real head is actually from a demonic bunny, it is the whole body. With the nipple looking things being its eyes, the abdomen area being the nose, and the loincloth hiding a sinister, lamprey like mouth, as seen here

The crutch-like arms (which were once bunny ears) lowers a knucklewalker onto fruit dropped onto the forest floor. It raises its short feet, and the hidden mouth then feasts.