Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Battle Journal of Kain Gaa'zaith - Spider Ambush

Since my last entry the cadre has had another opportunity to enter battle. This combat more closely resembled the kind of encounter the battle plan was developed for, with some minor exceptions. It was a medium range engagement, but the humanoids possessed some strange abilities and were augmented with bestial companions.

Tactical Analysis - Spider Ambush on the Road

As we approached a deep ravine near the side of the road, three spider-people emerged with two scorpions and a large spider and attacked.

The cadre reacted swiftly, forming a front line while slinging dazing magic at one of the spider-people so Hobb could deal a devastating strike with his throwing dagger. I readied my spear to strike a charging scorpion, but missed and it grabbed the cleric. The spider sailed past the front line with a prodigious leap to attack the wizard.

With the cleric in imminent danger, we focused all attacks on the scorpion and killed it swiftly. Hobb managed to get the spider away from the wizard, but it leapt again and landed on the warlock, knocking him to the ground and biting him fiercely. Meanwhile, the second scorpion raced forward to grab the cleric. I'm not sure why these beasts found him to be such a tempting target. Two of the spider-people surrounded Hobb and dealt him vicious blows with their axes.

Hobb slid clear and shoved one of his foes away from us with a tricky maneuver. The wizard blasted the scorpion off the cleric and hurled it into the cluster of spider-people, then unleashed a larger blast that caught them all in its flashing colors. While they stood dazed, Marun and the cleric broke off to rush to the warlock's aid and killed the troublesome spider. The remaining dazed and wounded hostiles were then easily dealt with.

The scorpions were worrisome, but the cadre performed admirably by destroying them before they could inflict serious harm on Calibraxis. The spider was far more troublesome. Its mobility allowed it to strike isolated members of the cadre almost at will until Marun shut it down with her martial skills. In fact, the spider's abilities seemed to play directly into the warlock's weaknesses, allowing it to cause him serious grief. Adincari likes to stay clear of the melee fighting, but that made it difficult to get him aid when the spider leaped upon him.

The spider-people, aside from the two lucky strikes on Hobb, are almost not worth dignifying with a comment, so I will not comment on them.

My research into the walking dead continues. They are apparently very vulnerable to damage from bright radiance such as that often called down by divine casters such as the cleric. I hope Calibraxis is up to the challenge.

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