Monday, July 28, 2008

Kobold Hall, Part 1

Once the party had been hurriedly teleported to the dungeon entrance, they got down to business.

Area 1 - Sludge Pit
I added one extra kobold slinger to this encounter since we had a 6-PC party. Like the introductory text says to expect, this was a pretty straight slugfest. Wwyzzarr tried to thunderwave a kobold into the sludge pit, but he made his save. I don't recall much else of note.

The kobold slinger in the barred hallway should have escaped to warn his friends in area 2. I was afraid the party would focus on chasing him to the point where they would effectively turn the first two encounters into one long one, and I had read that doing so could often spell TPK. Unfortunately, in retrospect I think it would have made area 2 a better encounter.

Area 2 - The Tomb
The kobolds won initiative and I got too excited over it. The kobolds charged the party instead of following their prescribed tactics. The party, even though they hadn't really gelled into a unit yet, destroyed the kobolds without much effort.

With the addition of the escaped kobold above and more attention to tactics, this would have been a much more interesting encounter.

Area 3 - During this encounter the party started to gel. They had figured out some effective teamwork tactics like using the cleric's Lance of Faith or the warlord's Commander's Strike to get more damage out of the fighter or the rogue. Jen discovered she likes the 4e wizard class when Wwyzzarr ruined the kobolds' day with a mage hand that disabled their weird trap thing by untying it from the ceiling. The other memorable moment of the battle was not as good for the party - Garback the Stabber was cut down by charging guard drakes. He discovered too late that leader classes should lead from the rear.

Despite the death of Garback, I think this encounter went fairly well. When Garback fell, Hatha was glued to the floor and having trouble freeing herself, so the situation looked pretty grim. Fortunately she freed herself before the drakes could turn any more party members into kibble.

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Jason said...

Actually, I think the real way to run the Warlord class is not necessarily from the rear, but more from the middle. Garback was also smashed in no small part by lousy rolls on my part and some spetacularly evil (for Garback) rolls by the GM.
I think some also serious rookie moves we made as players was holding back on some Encounter exploits, plus none of us were using our Action points, which very possibly could have turned the tide for us.
I think, being a player that likes to have at least one guy on the front line, Garback's replacement (noted in your next post) is more suitable for the way I want to play. Now, to find a real sympathetic cleric to bless my dice...