Thursday, July 31, 2008

Introducing New Characters

When we last saw our first band of intrepid heroes, Garback the Stabber had just been slain by guard drakes.

Since this was mostly intended as a mini-campaign, I was flexible with how Garback would be replaced. Jason elected to keep the same race, but changed classes to give the party two defenders instead of two leaders. Jen, having decided she liked the wizard class, also wanted to replace her borrowed wizard with one of her own creation (in fact, this is why Pele, the wizard in the second party, was originally created).

Jen came up with the amusing scenario that would swap out the PCs. Since the borrowed wizard was sent on his quest by the high level NPC wizard, and it had already been established that the NPC had access to a teleport circle, she thought the wizard should do it. Wwyzzarr's quest would transfer to Jen's new wizard, and off they'd go.

So, the next time we all met, on July 13th, the first thing that happened in game was that two new characters teleported into the party's midst. One, a dwarf wizard, told Wwyzzarr that the NPC "wanted to see him", and before the eladrin could say "Wait, what?" he was teleported away. Garback's body was also teleported away to save the party the trouble of figuring out what to do with it. This seemed like a great idea until it was pointed out that Garback was carrying the only treasure they had found up to that point. Oops.

Garback the Younger, dragonborn paladin

Vistra Frostwarden, dwarf wizard

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